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Pepea Managed Server Hosting

Pepea Managed Server Hosting

Pepea Managed Server Hosting is a managed service that allows businesses to achieve higher functionality and performance by hosting their business-critical systems, applications, databases, websites and other software on the Pepea Cloud.

Managed server hosting offers more value to businesses running physical servers or are currently on unmanaged server hosting by reducing operational costs, eliminating the need to hire extra support staff, reducing IT risks and complexity while securing business continuity with disaster recovery.

Why choose Managed Server Hosting services?

Your Systems From Ransomware

Our ransomware protection feature protects your business from revenue loss as a result of ransomware attacks

On Achieving Business Goals

Pepea Managed Server Hosting allows you to focus on your core business while we deploy, back up and secure your production environment.

Limitless Accessibility

Your staff and end users can securely access your hosted environment anytime anywhere via virtual private network connections

More Business Opportunities With Increased Flexibility

Easily scale up when the need arises. Deploy upgrades within minutes.

Business Continuity With Data Protection And Disaster Recovery

We monitor automatic backups of your critical data and periodic snapshots (virtual copies) of your primary environment

The Clock Support

Find solutions to problems from our capable team of technical experts who are available 24/7

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