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Pepea Email Security In Kenya and East Africa

Email security is essential to minimizing risk and protecting your organization from a wide variety of threats. From spam and viruses to data leaks and spear-phishing attacks, threats to mail security can result in significant downtime, loss of productivity and damage to corporate reputation. Pepea Email Security Services in Kenya and East Africa provides you with cost-effective and continuous protection, stopping spam and advanced threats before they reach you.

Pepea Email Security Features

Inbound Filtering

All incoming emails, including attachments are filtered before reaching your mailbox so as to eliminate spam, unsolicited emails and malicious content to provide maximum security against email based viruses and security exploits.

Outbound Filtering

Blacklisting is the process of identifying spammers based on the IP addresses and domains that they send email from, then compiling this information into a list that can be referenced by email servers, which then blocks email from those IP’s from being delivered to the intended recipient. Your IP address or domain can be viewed as such when your network is infected, usually by botnets.

Email servers or email service providers will reject emails listed on global blacklist databases and this will manifest as bounce back error messages on your end. Pepea Email Security provides blacklist protection by filtering all your outgoing emails ensuring only clean emails reach your recipients’ mailboxes.

Email Queueing

When your server is experiencing downtime, Pepea email security queues your emails and once your server is back up it delivers the emails as they were sent.


Our inbound and outbound filtering system is platform independent meaning that it can be deployed alongside any system such as Office 365, Exchange Server, MDaemon, Zimbra, etc.

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With Pepea award winning Email Security solution, you are guaranteed of;

  • A 99.8% spam free mailbox
  • Virus, Trojans, Phishing Scams, Worm and Malware Protection
  • No bounce back error messages due to blacklisting, communicate without a hitch
  • No bandwidth loss due to spam which slows down your network traffic
  • Improved employee productivity by cutting back on time wasted searching through your mailbox for genuine emails
  • Immediate implementation/deployment
  • No on premise infrastructure requirements and upfront capital costs

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