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pepea email archiving solution

pepea email archiving, Kenya

Pepea Email Archiving Solution in Kenya and East Africa

Cloud Email storage solution that ensures preservation of important emails for future references, and record keeping in case of email loss. Our email archival process ensures that all incoming and outgoing emails are automatically archived hence eliminating the cost of data theft, loss, intentional or unintentional deletion.

Administrators can restore lost emails, take advantage of search tools, and protect vital emails — without extra software or expensive hardware. You can effortlessly back up every mailbox.

pepea cloud server hosting freatures

Pepea Email Archiving Comes with:

  • Checking and spam filtering to ensure that only clean mails are achieved.
  • Retention rules has become easier with a default retention period of 7 ½ years
  • Web-administration interface that's designed to empower and make it easier for company IT administrators
  • Reduces on premise email data storage size
  • Archived mails are encrypted in a triple-DES secure environment
  • Additional software or hardware is required during the installation period
  • Supports some of the common mail servers in the market. (Postfix/Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange, Google apps, office 365, Mdaemon and others)
  • Email archiving storage space
  • Easier importation of old emails or PST files.

Pepea Email Archiving Features

Encryption and Security

All archived emails are automatically encrypted and archived for a period of not less than 7 years and 2 days. However this can be adjusted according to your needs. All archived emails can only be viewed and cannot be deleted until the archival period is over.

Email Recovery

You can recover all of your emails in one click.

Advanced Search and Retrieval

Pepea Email Archiving provides you with simple search and export options

Easy Migration

The solution de-duplicates old emails hence making it seamless and faster to implement.

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