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Pepea Backup And Disaster Recovery

Fast And Reliable Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

With over a decade of disaster recovery expertise, we go beyond simple backup measures to ensure all your key workloads are protected. With cloud based data backup and disaster recovery businesses stand to reduce the cost of deploying, monitoring and maintaining traditional disaster recovery methods and eliminate long recovery hours in the event of disaster.

Our solution ensures that you can work with peace of mind knowing that your data and critical applications/systems are securely backed up offsite. In case of disaster, cloud based disaster recovery ensures that you can recover within minutes, preventing the negative impact of downtime.

Why Take Pepea Offsite Backup?

pepea data backup

It involves little user intervention and is easy to manage

It is infrastructure free therefore saving on costs of managing local backup and traditional methods of disaster recovery

It is secure with data being encrypted in motion and at rest

pepea disaster recovery as a service

Recovery Within Minutes

Say goodbye to long periods of downtime and consequent data loss with disaster recovery as a service

Guarantee Business Continuity

Pepea Backup and Disaster Recovery not only backs up your critical data but also your entire production environment. Easily switch to a virtual replica of your critical systems on the Pepea Cloud and continue working when disaster strikes

Reduce Costs And Complexity

Cloud based disaster recovery is infrastructure free and easy to manage thus saving you costs of maintaining traditional disaster recovery methods.

Testing Of Your Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Plan

Failover testing is now as simple as pointing and clicking. Launch successful tested BCDR plans when the need arises with the help of our unmatched service

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