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Communicate, Collaborate and Get More Work Done with Pepea Business Email Solutions

Pepea Email is designed to ensure that your organization continues to collaborate and communicate with clients on the go while eliminating some of the common email challenges such as insufficient mailbox space, spam emails and unreliable support.

Our all in one cloud based subscription service is specially designed to provide a reliable cost effective email hosting platform with continuous protection from email threats, to preserve critical emails and save on costs while eliminating complexities.

Protect Your Business From Internal And External Threats

pepea email security

We guarantee you 99.9% spam free mailbox. Get assured protection with our regularly updated spam filters that learn and capture new ways of propagating spam emails

Secure your business and its end users from phishing attacks, impersonation, man in the email and internal email threats with our premium inbound and outbound filtering service

Our regularly updated spam filters capture new ways of sending spam emails guaranteeing you continuous protection

Easily free quarantined emails from our antispam portal

Get Rid Of The Complexities Of Email Backup With Pepea Cloud Email Archiving

pepea email archiving

Pepea Business Email solutions simplifies email retention by providing you with an affordable and easy to use email storage platform

Say goodbye to loss of emails and automatically store a copy of all critical inbound and outbound emails before reaching your mailbox

Secure encrypted email archive

Has search and retrieval features

Communicate On The Go With Bulk Emails

pepea email marketing

Reach your audience, end users’ and clients’ mailbox within seconds. Our email marketing service frees you from the pain of email delays, blacklisting and space limitations

Never run out of mailbox space

Send out multiple email campaigns with zero delays

Ensure your emails reach your recipient’s inbox

Email Security Awareness And Staff Training

pepea email security awareness

We help you increase your cyber resilience by creating awareness and training your staff on email security best practices. Protect your business from internal threats

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