As much as both personal email and business email communicate the same thing, business emails looks more official than a personal email. Here are some of the reasons why your business emails is the key for your brand

  • Business email shows your business worth.

A generic email address implies that your business is new; small or generally don’t mean business. This can affect your product or service worth as clients might not take it seriously. An official email shows how serious and committed you are to doing business.

  • Creates a good first impression

Your email address is likely to be one of the first means of contact with clients before office visits. You can have a good impression of having a business rather than a personal email account.

  • It builds Confident and Trust

This is one of the basic means to advertise your brand. It feels good to see your business on that business card. It makes you confident and trustworthy. Even when you’re selling your business to a client they need to trust the brand. This goes out a long way in bringing out professionalism.

  • Business emails are unique

To have your audience open your email amidst the chaos of annoying promo emails, you need to have a unique identifier. Of course, your subject drives many to want to open your email, but your email address plays a role too.

  • Business email is affordable

Business emails are not as expensive as many people believe. This means you can have as many emails as you wish without fear of email expenses.

Host your emails with us with a reliable Cloud Email Hosting service provider in Kenya and East Africa
Our team of email experts works for you while you manage your business to deliver reliable business-class email. Our email solution has increased productivity and collaboration among our clients’ employees. Because it is cloud based, this means there are no servers to purchase and maintain hence reducing costs and IT complexity

Features of Pepea Email Hosting
Pepea Email Hosting is a feature-rich business-class email solution that offers a variety of packages to our clients including;

1. Pepea Premium antispam and antivirus protection
Host your business email with our email hosting solution that guarantees you a 99.98% spam free mailbox
2. Pepea Inbound and Outbound filtering
Do you have a mail server? Are you receiving spam that is consuming your space and causing high bandwidth consumption but you would still like to maintain your mail server? Get on board with our inbound and outbound filtering solution
3. Email Archiving
Have backup storage for all your inbound and outbound business emails including attachments on our Email Archiving solution. Our email archival process ensures that all incoming and outgoing emails are automatically archived offsite hence eliminating the cost of data theft, loss, intentional or unintentional deletion
4. Pepea Sync drive
Store, sync, share and collaborate your business files to the cloud and access them from any location at any time
5. Platform independent
With Pepea Cloud Email, you can keep your Outlook! Our secure POP & IMAP access works with most desktop applications and practically any version of Outlook. Pepea Cloud Email also works perfectly with Thunderbird,
6. Pepea Cloud Webmail
Pepea Cloud Webmail users enjoy real-time sync of email, calendars, and contacts on their iPhone®, iPad®, Android® or Windows® device.
1. Secure POP/IMAP connection
Deliver email to your users’ favorite client’s from desktop Outlook® to a mobile device Premium Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus and three-layer scanning helps to keep your Inbox safe
2. Mobile Sync
Real-time email sync, calendar, and contact syncing for Pepea Webmail, Outlook, and Mobile devices Anytime, Anywhere access. Check email from anywhere, an advantage of hosting email in the cloud instead of on your desktop.
3. Shared Calendar and Contacts
Share access to Calendar and Company directory with anyone one on your domain Customized Interface
Add a company logo. Change background colors and header images.
4. Unlimited Mailbox space
Get unlimited mailbox space that your users will have a tough time filling up.

5. User and Domain Aliases
Do you have two domains and you wish to get your old domain emails on your new domain? No problem. Receive an email for both domains in one inbox.
6. Admin Control Panel
Manage your domain, create accounts, out of office notices, email forwards e.t.c.

In conclusion, if you are still uncertain a business email is an important as mentioned above; please drop any questions to us at sales@ke.msgafrica.com