When To Choose Virtual Private Server Hosting

When To Choose Virtual Private Server Hosting

When should you choose a Virtual Private Server Hosting plan?

If you have a shared hosting plan, your site is housed on a physical server alongside many other sites. This means that the resources you’re using are shared. So if one site receives a lot of unexpected traffic, for example, your own site’s loading times can suffer.

With a Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan, you are still technically sharing a physical server with other users. However, your site is partitioned off, so that you aren’t sharing resources with anyone else. When you choose VPS hosting, what you’re getting is your own virtual server, with full administrative access.

A VPS server comes with its own disc space, operating system, CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. VPS Hosting gives you more flexibility and access to more resources than shared hosting hence making VPS ideal for a growing business or platform. Choose VPS hosting when;

1. You want more power and control over your hosting environment such as full administrative access

2. You are experiencing growing needs and increase in traffic beyond shared hosting capabilities

3. You want increased privacy and security

4. You want specific customizations to meet your unique hosting needs

5. You want to upgrade from shared hosting but have limited resources

6. You want to host an eCommerce site which usually requires specific requirements such as an independent SSL certificate. Some shared hosting providers offer shared SSL certificates to cut costs

Benefits of VPS hosting

1. Full control over configuration settings and customizations to suit your hosting needs

2. Faster loading times, no downtime

3. Increased level of security and privacy

4. Flexible and easy to scale up

5. It is more cost-effective as compared to dedicated server hosting.

Pepea Virtual Private Server Hosting is the best option as it allows you to keep up with growth in a reliable and cost-effective way while protecting data against failure and maintaining operational efficiency.

Pepea VPS Hosting offers dedicated control and functionality within a scalable environment with;

  • Complete customization without an extra cost; Pepea VPS Hosting can be customized to meet your needs so you pay for what you want but you do not need to deal with any features you will never need
  • A Fully scalable hosting plan to accommodate business growth; Our hosting plan allows you to add additional resources at any time with just a click of a button to allow you to accommodate business growth
  • Increased reliability and uptime; Our servers are housed in our state of the art datacenter equipped with redundant power supply, ambient server conditions such as cooling
  • Reduced costs; Virtual Private Server hosting has all the benefits of dedicated resources without the cost of an actual dedicated server
  • Full root access that allows you full control of your hosting environment; You can choose, not only the hardware specification you want, but also the software configurations you require to run the site as effectively as possible, including the operating system, database, and other applications (whilst also taking advantage of root access to the server). 
  • Reliable support; A highly efficient and effective support system is available 24/7 to ensure that the solution works for you at all times.
  • Guaranteed security; Our servers are purpose-built and entirely owned and operated by us. This means the physical and digital security of your data and transactional computer processing remain front-of-mind from the physical layer up.

Let your business grow with Pepea Virtual Private Server hosting today!