The Full Package For Business Email And Collaboration

The Full Package For Business Email And Collaboration

Pepea Email is a great business tool that is designed to ensure that your organization continues to collaborate and communicate with clients on the go while eliminating some of the common email challenges.

Common email communication challenges

  1. Unsecured mailbox which is vulnerable to an influx of spam mail and viruses that threaten the security of your organization's email data and end-users
  2. Limited mailbox space especially for organizations on shared hosting platforms
  3. Poor/inadequate support due to delayed response to clients' and end-users' issues/challenges
  4. Blacklisting especially for organizations on shared servers.
  5. High costs of acquiring, deploying and securing on-premise mail servers and increasing resources on shared hosting platforms
  6. Inadequate specialized expertise for managing mail servers, securing them and assisting users with day to day email issues
  7. Loss of emails data due to accidental/intentional deletion of emails
  8. Difficulties in email search and retrieval, leading to time wastage and untraceable emails
  9. Limitations on the ease of access, collaboration and sharing of common work projects and files within the organization
  10. Slow/degraded email service which is common for organizations on web hosting packages that are characterized by monthly bandwidth limitations. These will, in turn, limit end user's bandwidth pipeline capacity leading to degraded email service.

Why do you need Pepea Email?

From experience we have noted organizations choose business email solutions mainly based on the following factors;

  • Budget
  • Reliability
  • Spam protection and security
  • Email archiving
  • File share, sync, and collaboration
  • Calendar and Address Book
  • Customer Support
  • Video conferencing/Chat
  • Microsoft Office Applications (which come at an extra cost)
  • Service Provider Brand

Therefore, as organizations make this decision, we believe they need to mainly look at the features they require and that each staff member can fully utilize in their day to day work environment.  The question that should be wedged in every business decision maker's mind is,

'Where can we get full value for our investment and what is our core requirement for an email and collaboration solution?'

1. Reliable email hosting

Businesses are veering away from costly onsite email servers such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Mdaemon. They are looking instead to the cloud for hosted email solutions. Businesses of all sizes have realized the wisdom of going with a scalable, secure hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This offers advantages such as guaranteed uptime and flexible per-user charges for core features such as shared calendar, address book, webmail access, mobile sync, and unlimited mailbox space.

2. Spam protection and email security

Email is the largest and most common attack vector in businesses today. At every turn, organizations are faced with inbound, outbound, and even internal email threats that will not only lead to loss of data but will have a direct impact on your operations. Pepea Business Email solution is designed to protect your business from these email threats which include;

  1. Business email compromise or email impersonation attacks
  2. Phishing attacks such as spear phishing
  3. Internal threats such as sharing emails with infected attachments and URLs within the organization
  4. Ransomware propagated through malicious emails that lead to organization downtime

Email spam filtering & antivirus

Pepea spam and antivirus mail filtering is a software as a service antispam gateway that is installed between your mailbox or any other infrastructure and the internet. It includes premium email spam filters and targeted threat protection to stop known and emerging email threats before reaching your mailbox.

The email spam filtering service ensures that 99.9% of junk and spam emails are quarantined by analyzing each and every email to ensure that your users receive only the important emails.

If a harmful email or file is detected, our gateway servers will automatically send it to a quarantined database and these can then be accessed via our antispam portal.

Our spam filters are regularly updated to capture new ways of propagating spam emails, phishing emails, impersonation attacks, and malware to keep you protected at all times

How it works

Our filtering service can be customized to a number of packages that can suit any small or large corporation. It is easily configured by changing your DNS records to point to our gateway servers. From here, all your users’ emails will be delivered to our servers where they will be filtered through our hosted filtering servers that will filter and send out all unwanted emails and viruses to a spam quarantine database that you can release or opt-in deleting the spam emails on their own.

Each of the Pepea gateway servers is more than capable of handling large volumes of email traffic plus the service can be activated within minutes.


  • If you operate an on-premise mail server; change your MX records to point to our gateway servers
  • Allow our range of IPs on your server for email Delivery and you are good to go.
  • If with no mail server: send us a full list of all your email accounts (inclusive of any forwarding or group accounts)
  • Email redirection from your current host prior MX change will ensure that no email is lost nor service disrupted during the DNS propagation period

3. Email archiving

Email archiving is the disaster recovery of email. Backing up emails, whether to a laptop, hard drive or any other infrastructure as most organizations do can become a complicated and expensive process as email data continues to grow.

Just like data backup, email backup does not guarantee email continuity in that it is not an automated process. This means that emails deleted or lost prior to initiating backup will not be backed up. Employees or users can also easily access your email backups and tamper with stored emails intentionally or unintentionally.

Pepea Email simplifies email retention by providing you with an affordable and easy to use email storage solution known as cloud email archiving. Unlike email backup, our email archival feature is automatic which means that all original inbound and outbound emails and all metadata are automatically pushed to our cloud email archive before reaching your mailbox.

This protects your email data from intentional/unintentional deletion or loss. Once in the archive, archived emails can be stored for a minimum of 7 years. Archived emails cannot be deleted as the email archive only allows users to search through and retrieve stored emails.

Secure spam filtering/antivirus and email archiving are part of our all in one cloud-based subscription service that is specially designed for business to reduce costs, complexity and to protect your organization from email threats and consequently data loss.

4. File share and sync

Pepea File Sharing and Sync increases end-user productivity while giving your IT personnel full control over business content and data. This will enhance the security of your data, help meet auditing and compliance requirements, and will give your users the ability to work from any device while working from home.

Faster, easier access

It is much easier to access files using our file sharing platform rather than using a virtual private connection to an on-premise file server. Our file sharing platform saves your end-users time with simple web access to the platform.

No need to download documents first before editing

Most individuals are accustomed to editing documents with Microsoft Office applications. Our platform allows your end-users to freely edit documents without having to download them first with inbuilt Microsoft Office online editors.

Helps your business effectively meet auditing and compliance measures

With logging capabilities for all file-sharing activities, your IT personnel can track all actions taken on files and documents. This secures critical documents and makes auditing processes easier and more effective.

Secures access to files

Your IT personnel can perform other functions peacefully with two-factor authentication preventing unauthorized access to files. With your end-users using different devices and internet connections, two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized access using an employee's compromised username or password

Faster file retrieval 

Pepea File Sharing and Sync reduces the amount of time it takes to locate a document by enabling end-users to search for documents using keywords.

Take charge of the security of your business content and data

Your IT personnel can actively monitor the security and privacy of your business data with our comprehensive security and controls to manage users, applications, and data

Increases productivity while saving you costs

Pepea File Sharing and Sync is ideal for any business, small or large as it does not involve any infrastructure costs. It is a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to cut costs and improve their remote staff's productivity.

Benefits of Pepea Email

Pepea Email is designed to ensure your organization experiences flawless communication while securing your email data. With the Pepea Business Email solution, you enjoy the following benefits:

Reap the benefits of branded email

Get a professional business email address customized with your business name. Cease more opportunities, gain your customers' trust and transact with branded email.

Support remote workplaces with boundless email communication

Decision-makers and CIOs are advised to increase mailbox quotas and file attachment sizes to accommodate all their end-users file sharing and communication needs. Leverage unlimited mailbox space in addition to cloud storage to eliminate email downtime and degraded email service.

Update, synchronize, secure, and collaborate on workloads

Setup and optimize your collaboration tools with Pepea Business Email which includes a file sharing and synchronization platform where end users can collaborate on critical documents and workloads. Secure and control access to business data or content with two-factor authentication, activity logging capabilities, security, and privacy controls.

Meet auditing, data retention and E-Discovery requirements

CIOs can easily set data retention policies, monitor activity with logging capabilities, and ensure critical email communication is preserved on Pepea Business Email. Prevent the loss of data due to intentional or unintentional deletion of email while enhancing business compliance with cloud email archiving.

Reach large audiences on the go without degraded email service

Send out up to 1500 emails at a go on our effective mass mailing platform that ensures your emails reach your recipient's inbox. Protect your business reputation and build trust and meet marketing goals with our affordable email marketing solution.

Reinforce brand communication to end users

Add your business logo, change background colors and headers to represent your business brand as your end users access your webmail platform.

Increase end-user productivity on remote workplaces

Enhance remote connectivity for your end users with webmail access via any device. With block level mobile sync, work with peace of mind knowing all your workloads are updated and synchronized across all devices.

Support your end users while support you

Where email is a critical function, timely support is crucial to preventing email downtime and degraded email service. Get help within minutes from our dedicated support team 24/7.

  • Our superior email security measures ensure you experience a spam-free and virus free mailbox
  • With an unlimited mailbox space, you can email freely without worrying about running out of space
  • Your organization will be protected against email loss due to intentional/accidental deletions
  • Easily search and retrieve your archived emails on our easy to use email archiving platform
  • Send personalized bulk emails on the go without any restrictions and fear of being blacklisted
  • Your staff can create and share business information from one location so as to collaborate on projects hence achieving teamwork, cohesion, efficiency, and productivity at work.

Features of Pepea Business Email solutions

Pepea Business Email Solutions consists of the following business-critical features;

  • Unlimited mailbox space
  • Pepea plus premium anti-spam and anti-virus
  • Email Archiving
  • Mass mailing capabilities
  • File share and synchronization

While there are free versions available with many hosting companies, many businesses take advantage of the flexibility and power of professional email services such as Pepea Email hosting.

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