The Full Package For Business Email And Collaboration

The Full Package For Business Email And Collaboration

Pepea Email is a great business tool that is designed to ensure that your organization continues to collaborate and communicate with clients on the go while eliminating some of the common email challenges.

Why do you need Pepea Email?

From experience we have noted organizations choose business email solutions mainly based on the following factors;

  • Budget
  • Reliability
  • Spam protection and security
  • Email archiving
  • File share, sync, and collaboration
  • Calendar and Address Book
  • Customer Support
  • Video conferencing/Chat
  • Microsoft Office Applications (which come at an extra cost)
  • Service Provider Brand

Therefore, as organizations make this decision, we believe they need to mainly look at the features they require and that each staff member can fully utilize in their day to day work environment.  The question that should be wedged in every business decision maker’s mind is,

Where can we get full value for our investment and what is our core requirement for an email and collaboration solution?’

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