Secure Your Business With Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Secure Your Business With Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

In our previous article, disaster recovery; the pain of doing it yourself, we widely outlined the different traditional DR setups practiced by organizations today and the pain of maintaining them. In this article, we will be showing you how cloud-based disaster recovery is the best solution for securing the continuity of your business.

Who needs cloud-based disaster recovery?

If you operate mission-critical and business-critical applications

What’s the difference? An application, system or workload is said to be mission-critical when its continuous availability is crucial to business operations. Its failure will likely lead to financial loss. It is said to be business-critical when it is important to business operations but in case of its failure, the business can still operate at a basic level.

Cloud service providers such as ourselves replicate your entire primary production site including files, applications, physical and virtual machines to our offsite data center. This means that in an offsite location, a virtual replica of your entire production site is available with all preceding changes being replicated in real-time or in periodic snapshots.

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When a disruption occurs, your organization can immediately continue working from the live offsite location until you are able to restore operations.

If your business can only afford a few minutes up to an hour of downtime

If you have considered the availability of all your systems and applications and have set your recovery time and point objectives at 15 to 30 minutes, disaster recovery as a service is the best solution for your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

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However, in the real sense, despite being faster than backup, DRaaS cannot achieve zero RTO and RPO’s as it is not essentially in real-time. This is because replicating data in addition to snapshots (mirroring) of your primary production environment takes some bandwidth and therefore will take a few minutes.

If your business cannot afford any downtime

Is it possible to achieve zero RTO and RPO’s for my mission-critical applications cost-effectively?

The answer is YES!

With Pepea Hosted Disaster Recovery, it is now possible to achieve real-time database replication without the hustle of duplicating physical servers, supporting systems, maintaining secondary DR sites, increased IT complexity of your IT department, etc.

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Real-time database replication with Pepea Hosted DR is achieved by a virtualized live server where your databases are replicated incrementally in real-time. Unlike other setups where you purchase a physical server, install similar applications running in your primary environment and replicate data from the primary to the secondary site, we simply host a virtualized live replica of your primary systems or server(s) on the Pepea Cloud. It is infrastructure-free.

How it works

After the first full replication of your entire primary production environment, preceding database replications are done incrementally meaning only changes to the database are replicated in real-time. Real-time replication of the database doesn’t take up much bandwidth that’s why it’s fast. DRaaS takes a few minutes because replicating data plus snapshots takes bandwidth and therefore time.

The cost of buying a physical server and all the costs of maintaining it are eliminated by Pepea Hosted DR. With our service, you will only incur fewer costs of buying the virtual server and application licenses. Imagine the cost savings!

We secure the hosted DR system further with disaster recovery as a service where we mirror it to the cloud. This means that we take periodic snapshots of the current state of the virtualized server and push them to the Pepea Cloud such that in case it fails, you can immediately failover to the virtual backup system on the Pepea Cloud.

Does your business operate high availability applications with zero RTO and RPO? Pepea Hosted DR is the solution for you.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you discover the best solution that will suit and grow with your business. Drop a comment below, email us or visit our website for a callback request for more information on Pepea Disaster Recovery as a Service and Hosted DR.

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