Global Cyber Attack affecting Kenyan Companies

Global Cyber Attack affecting Kenyan Companies

We have detected a new strain of ransomware attack that has spread globally. This monstrous global CyberAttack that locks files on machines until you pay ransom has now gotten into our country. Once your computer is attacked, you are denied access to your data unless you pay a $300 (Sh30,000) ransom to a BitCoin account. Payment of this does not guarantee that your files will be restored.

The ransomware virus, Winery or WannaCrypt0r or WanaDecrypt0r, has infected over 100,000 in more than 100 countries around the world. This Ransomware has the ability to move around a network looking for computers to attack. It has no known remedy at the moment and the only way to avert this is to backup your files and databases offsite.

We have seen a rise in these attacks on local companies from our security monitoring systems. The Communications Authority (CA) recently issued a press statement urging Kenyans to have an offsite backup of their critical data.

Other Measures to take (apart from offsite backup)

  1. Ensure your endpoints and web-gateway are frequently updated
  2. Get a secure email filtering service with URL filtering
  3. Evaluate your internal security Policies and Procedures
  4. For users that handle sensitive information and enforce some form of higher-trust authentication (like Two Factor Authentication)
  5. Wipe the machine and re-image from bare metal
  6. Ensure your endpoints are patched religiously, OS and 3rd Party Apps

If you need advice and help with safeguarding your systems and data against such attacks or are looking to implement an online backup system, please do not hesitate to contact us on +254-020-3569132/+254-725-808-889/+254-738-808-889 or