Increasing End-User Productivity With File Sharing

Increasing End-User Productivity With File Sharing

Ideally, a file-sharing solution should help keep your staff productive by making it easier for them to access and work on different files together from any location.

Such a platform is vital to business operations such as sales activities. Members of your sales or marketing department should easily collaborate on business proposals and other documents while closing time-sensitive sales opportunities.

A complete file sharing solution should increase your end-users productivity, reduce costs, secure and manage users, applications and data.

Pepea File Sharing and Synchronization

Pepea File Sharing and Sync increases end-user productivity while giving your IT personnel full control over business content and data. This will enhance the security of your data, help meet auditing and compliance requirements and will give your users the ability to work from any device while working from home.

7 ways Pepea File Sharing and Sync increases end-user productivity

A majority of your end users are probably your employees. When it comes to individual employee productivity, every minute can be measured in terms of revenue or loss. Reducing time wasted due to accessibility and security issues can go a long way in improving each employee’s output and consequently your bottom lines.

1. Faster, easier access

It is much easier to access files using our file sharing platform rather than using a virtual private connection to an on-premise file server. In addition, these remote connections are highly affected by slow internet and the condition of the server. 

Our file sharing platform saves your end-users time with simple web access to the platform.

2. No need to download documents first before editing

Most individuals are accustomed to editing documents with Microsoft Office applications. Our platform allows your end-users to freely edit documents without having to download them first with inbuilt Microsoft Office online editors.

3. Helps your business effectively meet auditing and compliance measures

With logging capabilities for all file-sharing activities, your IT personnel can track all actions taken on files and documents. This secures critical documents and makes auditing processes easier and more effective.

4. Secures access to files

Your IT personnel can perform other functions peacefully with two-factor authentication preventing unauthorized access to files. With your end-users using different devices and internet connections, two-factor authentication prevents unauthorized access using an employee’s compromised username or password

5. Faster file retrieval 

Pepea File Sharing and Sync reduces the amount of time it takes to locate a document by enabling end-users to search for documents using keywords.

6. Take charge of the security of your business content and data

Your IT personnel can actively monitor the security and privacy of your business data with our comprehensive security and controls to manage users, applications, and data

7. Increases productivity while saving you costs

Pepea File Sharing and Sync is ideal for any business, small or large as it does not involve any infrastructure costs. It is a cost-effective solutions for organizations looking to cut costs and improve their remote staff’s productivity.

Features of Pepea File Sharing and Synchronization

1. Access, synchronize and share files from any location. 

2. Web access and editing capabilities. Your end-users can freely edit documents without downloading the document first.

3. Easy to use. Your end-users should easily navigate through the platform without the need for training.

4. Elevated security controls and policies to protect business data 

5. Logging capabilities that allow your IT personnel to monitor actions taken on files

6. Corporate content security and privacy safeguards that will ensure loss or theft of your end-users’ devices do not lead to a breach in data security

7. Two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to critical data

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