How To Keep Your Business Ahead During The COVID-19 Pandemic

How To Keep Your Business Ahead During The COVID-19 Pandemic

By now, most businesses have come to terms with the current global Covid-19 pandemic and it’s impact on business operations. In our experience, the concerns on most if not all decision makers from C suite level members to heads of IT departments pertain to;

  1. Communicating with members of the organization effectively
  2. Ensuring employees can collaborate on shared functions 
  3. Ensuring critical applications and data is freely accesible to employees and other end users
  4. Managing and securing critical applications and data
  5. Keeping end users productive through support services

Solutions that will keep you ahead of competition during this pandemic

1. A File Sharing and Synchronization Platform

A cloud file sharing solution will help keep your staff productive while giving your IT personnel full control over business content and data. This will enhance security of your data, help meet compliance regulations and give your users the ability to work from any device while working from home.

An effective file sharing application/platform should;

1. Enable your end-users to access, synchronize and share files from any location. 

2. Allow web access and editing capabilities. Your end users should freely edit documents without downloading the document first.

3. Be easy to use. Your end users should easily navigate through the platform without the need for training

4. Allow your IT personnel to protect your business’ critical data by setting security controls and policies

5. Have logging capabilities that allow your IT personnel to monitor actions taken on files

6. Have corporate content security and privacy safeguards that will ensure loss or theft of your end users’ devices does not lead to a breach in data security

7. Secure access to the platform with two factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to critical data

A complete file sharing solution should increase your employees productivity, reduce costs, secure and manage users, applications and data.

2. Managed cloud hosting services

Businesses get more value out of hosting on premise servers or applications on the cloud by acquiring managed services from managed cloud service providers. 

Reduce time wasted and the complexity of accessing physical servers by hosting your on premise systems on the cloud. With managed server hosting services, you will benefit from assisted migration, fast deployment, increased flexibility, guaranteed service availability and uptime.

Power outages and slow connectivity are some of the issues affecting end users access to organizations’ systems and applications. Managed server hosting services will ensure that your business does not suffer downtime under any circumstance. 

It is a solution to cutting costs of maintaing physical servers especially where the amount of resources currently being used has dropped significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

3. Business Continuity Planning

The current global situation has reminded Kenyan businesses the need for a business continutiy plan. A major factor that will determine the success of your business continuity plan is the disaster recovery measures you have put in place to ensure you can easily recover from any business disruption.

Is your critical data being backed up? If a disruption at your premises renders your systems inaccesible, how long will it take you to recover? Cloud disaster recovery services such as Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service will guarantee that will not lose critical data or suffer the cost of long periods of downtime.

As Pepea, we are playing our part in the fight against COVID-19 by ensuring business operations are not affected. We are determined to help more businesses not only remain functional but also stay ahead during this pandemic. 

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