Get an Ideal Data Backup Plan for your #BusinessData

Get an Ideal Data Backup Plan for your #BusinessData

For 2017, Cybersecurity Ventures predicts global Ransomware damage costs will exceed $5 billion. That’s up from $325 million in 2015.

Your data backup plan can be the difference between being held hostage & easily recovering from a Ransomware attack.

Backup your data with Message Labs Africa, a leading cloud data backup solutions provider in Kenya. Easily recover your data within hours in the event of data loss and prevent the cost of downtime. An elaborate data recovery plan should be part of your business continuity plan.

Our automated cloud data backup solution allows your employees to focus on core business. Our set it and forget it feature ensures that changes to data are automatically detected and backed up. Set the frequency of your data backup once and continue to receive real-time reports and notifications on how your data is being backed up.

We conduct regular testing to ensure that your data can be recovered easily in the event of data loss. Rest easy knowing that your data backup plan is secure as data is encrypted in motion during backup and at rest and being monitored 24/7 by our support team.

As the best data backup and data recovery service providers in Kenya, our data backup solution is scalable and flexible. We can easily add additional resources should you require them as we understand that business growth is critical. Pepea Data backup is platform-independent meaning that it is compatible with any operating system or device.

Enjoy fast deployment and restoration with Pepea data backup. Visit our website for more information or to request a callback or service demo/trial.