Dorm, Apartment or Bungalow?

Dorm, Apartment or Bungalow?


Taking you back to yesteryears of high school education, living situations would differ according to the type of institution you attended. For most public secondary schools, a first-year student who was better known as mono was expected to share a common hall sleeping area as well as other facilities like washrooms. This type of living situation left you with only some control over your own belongings which were not much in the first place.

Blanket decisions were the order of the day. From chores assignments to group punishments, we were left with no autonomy nor capacity to make our own decisions. Respect for others’ property was a rare commodity while privacy was a pipe dream. Even so, at the end of the day, we enjoyed the early morning and late evening kamkunjis of swapping stories late into the night.


Soon after campus, it is every young professional’s dream to live in a nice apartment away from the influence of parents or caregivers. Financial constraints may lead some to settle for self-contained bedsitters but the goal remains the same, to live independently. Though sharing the building premise and facilities with other individuals, one can be assured of privacy and a higher level of control as compared to shared living situations. You are assured that your own actions will scarcely affect the wellbeing of others unless intended so.


The last stop on the dream home search train. In this situation, you have your own space as you do not share the compound or premise with other individuals. Decisions are made by you and for you while privacy is 100% guaranteed. Control over situations is entirely in your hands and you are considered autonomous.

What’s the point?

Pepea Server Hosting offers three types of server resources namely; shared server hosting, virtual private server hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting, just like a dormitory set up is where clients with light applications such as blogs/websites are all hosted on a single server and allocated ample resources according to their needs.

Virtual Private Server hosting is like owning your own apartment. In simple terms, it can be explained as where a virtual computer caters to the needs of one particular client. A number of virtual servers can be installed on one physical server yet a client will perceive it as having access to an entire server alone. For example, one virtual server can have a mail server, a file-sharing protocol, and web server software, all of which will serve one particular client. It is suitable for clients with applications with a sizeable amount of traffic.

Dedicated server hosting is like owning a bungalow that gives you full access to all server resources to power resource-intensive applications and critical missions. It is suitable for clients with a high priority for privacy due to the sensitive nature of data such as organizations in the medical industry.

Having simplified the technical jargon, you can now make a wise decision to suit your business needs with Pepea Server Solutions today.