Data Security

Data Security

Experts say an informed user is a user who behaves more responsibly and takes fewer risks with valuable company data, more so critical data. Your business can’t afford to take chances with data security. Doing so is costly. How costly? Do not wait around and see, it’s best to stay on top of security as vigilance is key and so is awareness.

Data security also known as information security seeks to enlighten you, the reader on the key benefits of protecting critical data from malicious attacks or unauthorized people accessing the data.

Identifying Assets

Identifying your assets is the first step to developing an advanced security posture for your business. Begin by making a list of all hardware, software, media, data and applications that contain sensitive data which if lost or corrupted will cripple your business operations.


Most security breaches are caused by insiders rather than malware or malicious attacks. Either through negligence or deliberate sabotage, your employees are the greatest risk to your data. Policies should be put in place to minimize the risk of data loss like outsourcing one of our services (cloud backup) which has proven to be the best with time.

Physical Security

Even though most businesses have heavily invested in physical security which limits access by unauthorized personnel, your critical data is still at risk from damages like theft, fires et al. Cloud backup ensures that your data is readily accessible from any of our datacenters.


Scalable security solutions grow with your business making it easy to expand your security coverage or implement new procedures, protocol and business rules. When choosing a service and other data safety appliances, go with a product that will be easily expandable to meet your future needs.

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