Factors that lead to Data loss in an Organization

Factors that lead to Data loss in an Organization

Data loss can affect individuals as well as businesses . Data loss can have a devastating impact on a company’s performance, particularly when the information is critical for maintaining day-to-day operations. This is why many companies invest in data storage as part of a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan ( DRP ) . Having  vital information backed up offsite , ensures businesses continuity as well as data security for future references.

 Causing factors to Data loss

 Hardware failure.

A recent study showed hardware failures are the most frequently cited reason for data loss among businesses and home users. This happens as a result of crushing of devices like hard drives, tapes, back up servers and laptops . Factors that can subject storage media to malfunction can be Overheating , exposure to magnetic fields or shock .

Human error  ( Accidental deletion )

Even the most experienced computer users make mistakes, so it’s no surprise human error was cited as the second-most common reason for data loss. On a daily basis , users create , copy or even delete files .

In some instances , people may accidentally delete critical information or even overwrite them erroneously .

Natural disasters

Calamities like fire , floods basically cause damage to data storage media and hence these results to loss of data .

Theft or loss

It has become a common case whereby, mediums like external hard drives  or laptop containing crucial information gets  stolen.

Hackers and viruses

There have been outbreaks of ransom wares malware that are spread through email communication. This ransom wares encrypt (change your data’s form) the users data causing it to be inaccessible. Please share the document with your.

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