Business Email Archiving, More Than Just A Compliance Measure.

Business Email Archiving, More Than Just A Compliance Measure.

Today, it’s no longer a secret that email archiving is the sole solution when it comes to meeting regulatory and e-discovery requirements. Most businesses tend to downplay the need for having a fully functional email archiving system. This has virtually means that its potential continues to go untapped.

Backing up emails to a PC is not enough

Email archiving is the disaster recovery of email. Backing up emails, whether to a laptop, hard drive or any other infrastructure as most organizations do can become a complicated and expensive process as email data continues to grow.

Just like data backup, email backup does not guarantee email continuity in that it is not an automated process. This means that emails deleted or lost prior to initiating backup will not be backed up. Employees or users can also easily access your email backups and tamper with stored emails intentionally or unintentionally.

Cloud email archiving simplifies email retention by providing you with an affordable and easy to use email storage solution. Unlike email backup, an email archival feature is automatic which means that all original inbound and outbound emails and all meta data are automatically pushed to our cloud email archive before reaching your mailbox.

This protects your email data from intentional/unintentional deletion or loss. Once in the archive, archived emails can be stored for a minimum of 7 years. Archived emails cannot be deleted as the email archive only allows users to search through and retrieve stored emails.

What does a typical email archive contain?

For any business that relies on email communication as its primary form of communication, an email archive may contain;

  • A blow by blow account of what users are doing during working hours or away from the office while working on company business.
  • Information on how employees are interacting with customers or prospects, which also includes any communication that employees did or did not send to clients
  • It indicates how end users deal with business sensitive content such as sending or storing crucial data via their corporate email accounts
  • Through archiving, an organization can be able to get a detailed analysis of its corporate email content. It can be a good indicator of certain issues such as:
  1. Whether corporate policies are being followed
  2. The go-to personnel within an organization that assist other users in problem-solving and getting things done

An organization that is not archiving – protectively or proactively – is one more day that they’re missing out on information that could provide useful knowledge to the business.

Pepea Email Archiving Solution in Kenya and East Africa

Pepea Email Archiving is an automated archiving solution is designed to capture, monitor and retain all electronic communications in a ready to search state.

It is a cloud email storage solution that ensures the preservation of important email for future references, and record-keeping in case of email loss. Our email archival process ensures that all incoming and outgoing emails are automatically archived hence eliminating the cost of data theft, loss, intentional or unintentional deletion of emails.

Your administrators can restore lost emails, take advantage of search tools, and protect vital emails — without extra software or expensive hardware. You can effortlessly achieve;

  • Email recovery

You can recover all of your emails in one click.

  • Easy migration

The solution de-duplicates old emails hence making it seamless and faster to implement

  • Advanced search and retrieval

Pepea Email Archiving provides you with simple search and export options

  • Encryption and security

All archived emails are automatically encrypted and sent for archival for not less than 7 years and 2 days. However, this can be adjusted according to your needs. All archived emails can only be viewed and cannot be deleted until the archival period is over.

Benefits of Pepea Email Archiving

  • Virus checking and spam filtering to ensure that only clean mails are achieved.
  • Managing of retention rules has become easier with a default retention period of 7 ½ years
  • An easy to use web-administration interface that’s designed to empower and make it easier for your IT administrators
  • Reduced on-premise email data storage size
  • Encryption of all archived emails in a triple-DES secure environment
  • No additional software or hardware requirements during the installation period
  • Integration and support of some of the common mail servers in the market. (Postfix/Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange, Google apps, office 365, Mdaemon and others)
  • Unlimited email archiving storage space
  • Easier importation of old emails or PST files.

Is data permanence is a priority for your organization? Get in touch with us at or visit our website for more information on Pepea Email Archiving.